About Mason

Mason’s Toy Box is dedicated to improving the lives of children battling childhood cancer, life threatening disease/illnesses, and their family members battling alongside them. Children living with childhood cancer and other life threatening illnesses suffer long-term impacts, and families affected suffer emotional and financial hardship. Our mission is to provide advice, financial support, and assistance to families engaged in a life-altering struggle. Together, with our ever-expanding network of local divisions, we offer gifts to hospitalized children (and their family members) in an attempt to offset overwhelming emotional and financial burdens that result from these situations. Mason’s Toy Box was founded in 2011 to honor Mason Clark Thomas who lost a six year battle to a rare childhood cancer. We are working diligently to expand our gifting services throughout the year to various hospitals within the United States. We envision the future of Mason’s Toy Box to possess the ability to provide financial grants to families in need, college scholarships to surviving childhood cancer victims and family members affected, a sponsorship program enabling community members to directly provide support to children and families, research funding to childhood cancer research, while raising awareness about childhood cancer.  If you have a child fighting childhood cancer or a life threatening illness, have lost a child to cancer or a life threatening illness, or if your child is a survivor, then we are here for you! We are committed to serving you and others like you nation-wide until the day comes when no child dies, and no child is left with life-long effects from these devastating diseases.